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This austerity thing has worked out so well…

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It can only be solved by calling for more austerity:

Concerns the UK is “triple-dipping” back into recession rose on Friday, as a closely-watched gauge of the services sector showed output fell for the first time in two years.

Markit’s purchasing managers’ index (PMI) threw up a reading of 48.9 for December, where anything below 50 signals activity in the sector contracted.

Nick Beecroft, an analyst at Saxo Capital Markets, called it a “pretty disastrous” result.

And what of the architect of “Fleeced in our time“, George Osborne? Well he’s be busy belittling people needing assistance…by trying to reduce the same.

My own research has found benefit claimants desperate to work, whose persistent efforts to find employment clashes with Osborne’s characterisation of those on welfare “sleeping off a life on benefits”.

He’s like a pasty non-tearful John Boehner.

By all means let’s do that here, triple dip recessions are clearly awesome.

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