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Regime change begins where? It begins at home.

The Vietnam War era student and youth uprising and the rise of Black nationalism in the US led the LBJ and Nixon administrations to launch massive but ad-hoc attacks on American civilians.

There were many murders, from Malcolm X and his associates like Abdullah H. Abdur-Razzaq, then known as James Shabazz to dozens of civil rights activists in the South, many of them associated with SNCC (1) and other civil rights workers in the South/ Then came the murders of King and of Black Panthers in a number of cities Add to that the murders of students at Jackson State and Kent State (2) and the murders of Chicano Crusade for Justice activists in Denver and Boulder, Colorado and you begin to get a feel for the viciousness of ‘our’ violence prone national and local police agencies.

Those attacks by Democrats and Republicans alike we ad-hoc and far less organized than the repressive apparatus in placenow. The passage of a host of new federal and local repressive laws are being used to spy on and victimize activists. “Rosa Parks paid a $14 fine for her historic protest on the bus. Now the trend is to charge protesters with felonies — and to stack up multiple felony charges against an individual. Bails can be colossal — a million dollars or more. Even a misdemeanor conviction can now send you to prison for as much as a year, and get you a heavy fine. In other words, an activist’s life can go up in smoke after the first arrest — and his or her voting privileges might be taken away as a consequence of a felony conviction.” (3) Patricia Neil Warren

All of those laws have overwhelming bipartisan support and their use has escalated under the Obama regime, which building on the examples of the use of illegal detention (4) and murder of foreign opponents by Clinton and Bush, has now decided to use those tactics against American citizens.  (5)

The Obama regime is hammering away at the Bill of Rights. Regime change begins at home and our first job is to break with the Democrats and Republicans and fight to restore the Bill of rights. Every union local and activist group in the country has to be urged to take a stand on Obama’s attempt to abrogate The Bill of Rights.  These tactics of illegal spying, illegal arrest and detention and illegal murder of citizens have already been used by Obama and their use is spreading. If not already being used against unions and other political instrumentalities of workers, consumers, people of color, students, women and environmentalists they’ll soon be in widespread use.




(1) Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee later the Student National Coordinating Committee and groups associated with it like Mississippi Freedom Summer, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and most important of all the Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO), also known as the Black Panther Party.





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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue