Late Night: Mussolini onBeer Mugs? And Kentucky Photo of Jesus


In Italy, Mussolini has a cult following in the small town of in Predappio where the dictator’s mug can be found on beer mugs. Oh and you can buy busts of Hitler too!:

Every year hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Predappio, filling its bars, restaurants, and especially the “Il Duce” devotional shops that line the main road. There you can buy letter-openers, ashtrays, coins, shirts, pants, coffee cans, wine, beer mugs and lighters brandishing slogans are like “Believe, Obey, Fight” or “Damned be he who gives up.” Of course, all bear images of Mussolini, replete with famous chin and fascist salute. There are flags with swastikas and SS insignia and 38-centimeter-tall bronze busts of “Il Duce” that go for €45.

There’s even a bust of Hitler, markedly smaller of course at 16 centimeters, for the bargain price of €15. Objects like these attract some German neo-Nazis, who seize the opportunity, as well as the bottle — in this case filled with beer and bearing Adolf ‘s image under the heading “The Comrade” for the price of €3.

Meanwhile, a small town in Kentucky has


from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in Wisconsin demanding a portrait of Jesus be removed from the school’s Hall of Honor which is filled with photographs of Jackson High School’s alumna. School Superintendent Phil Howard says:

It hangs here amongst many other photos here in our Hall of Honor. I honestly believe that for someone to say that photo excludes anyone is really a reach.

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Late Night: Mussolini on Beer Mugs? And Kentucky Photo of Jesus

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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