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The benefits of an OWS and Progressive alliance.

   Progressive’s are good talkers but bad listeners.  They don’t hear the silent screams of the disposessed; the people who don’t have access to TV talk shows, or politicians; these are the people who can only suffer in silence.  Some of the houses they use to live in are now vacant and boarded up. Those who are left in these neighborhoods must somehow survive in a crime ridden environment with no way out.

   They voted for “Barack Obama”, expecting something better, but things only got worse for the lower middle class.  Barack Obama has left a vacuum.  Those people realize they have 0 representation, but there’s nothing they can do about it.  Progressives are a party without people, and they’re a people without a party.  If Progressives heard their silent screams, maybe a match could be made.

   One does not have to be a genius to figure certain things out, they are called “necessary alliances” for survival.  People who don’t have money, or other access to power, must rely on other people, it’s called “people power”.  MLK used it quite effectively.  Since Progressives are very smart people, I’m sure they see where I’m coming from.

    Does anyone remember, “Association of Community Organization for Reform Now”, better known as “ACORN”.  Now I’ll give you the formula for success.  This is guaranteed to work.  First we combine: the dispossessed, OWS, and Progressive’s.  These three groups of people have a desire to get from here to there; there being a powerful voice in Washington DC.  The ACORN blueprint will serve as a means of connecting with dispossessed people all over this country.  That would be implemented by OWS.  The political head of this organization would be “United Progressive’s” with a name that reflected what they are about.  They are about a government solution to our present day problems that would include the wisdom of FDR in regard to unemployment, and the compassion of MLK in regard to the dispossessed.

    FDR’s WPA provided almost 8 million jobs between 1935 and 1943. Eight years of jobs cost less than 4 years of Obama’s war in Afghanistan; and that’s after converting those dollars into today’s dollars.  Change progressives desire can only come about when they have a seat at the table.  If OWS, dispossessed people all over this country, and “United Progressive’s”, under the umbrella of a party that reflected FDR and MLK, could come together in harmony and mutual respect, they could get a seat at the table of power, and “force” things to move in their desired direction.

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