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Over Easy: Monday Science

Squid are cool

I do not bite

Good day all!

Ultrastable glass is cool stuff. Medicine delivery?!?

Now they’re predicting additional sealevel rise of 1m by 2100, due largely to underestimation of how fast the Greenland ice sheets would melt.

Gee, you store radioactive water, the area gets more radiation. TEPCO’s water treatment plant startup gets delayed again.

Ice on Mercury. Also possible organic material. Sure different from the Mercury I learned about in school mumbly-something years ago.

Look what Curiousity found.  It is part of the rock, not a piece of Curiousity. Curiousity is ready to start drilling. NASA is already planning the next rover, to land in 2021. Neat new Mars meteorite.

Britian has suspended drilling at sub glacial Antarctic Lake Ellsworth. Equiptment failures, be about 5 years before they try again. First samples from Lake Vostok are lifeless. Says little, these were samples frozen around the drill bit.

More whaling. Just for research, but waste not, want not, right? Wonder how much more of it they’ll do with Fukushima killing all the local fishing. But Japan’s government is right on the problem. The price of tuna caught in North eastern Japan doesn’t seem to be hurting.

Fish can climb 300ft waterfalls. Why this hasn’t been a question  on a game show, I don’t know. Before this, I’d have been off by a zero.

Peel and Stick Solar panels. Imagine what the price of just one nuclear reactor could do to advance this.

Vomiting Larry. He’s actually a useful guy to have around.

They’re still hyping this comet. Forgive those of us who remember Comet Kohoutek if we don’t rush out and buy a telescope.

We always suspected big brains came with an evolutionary cost, we now have research to support it.  Our ancestors were smarter than we thought. I would post an alternative viewpoint, but the Intelligent Design folks STILL have not managed to get a peer reviewed article published.

What a shock.

Room temprature superconductor. New record is 86F. Note that there is NO minus in front of that number. The material is not currently usable commercially, but it shows it IS possible. “Strongly Hygroscopic” means it absorbs water QUICKLY and looses the desired properties.

I think squid are weird. Ever heard of a Vampire Squid? They aren’t bloodsuckers, they eat crap. How about a controllable squid? See what I mean? Weird!

Boxturtle (The darn Lake ate my last two links overnight and I don’t have ’em here to recover. RATS!)

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