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FISA, how could this happen?

The definition of espionage is

Espionage or spying involves a government or individual obtaining information that is considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information

From what I now understand it could be argued that FISA, intended to stop espoinage, actually enables the Government to commit it against its own people, as the Government can now secretly monitor private communications without a probable cause warrant.

Even the most cursory look at America’s Bill of Rights shows it primarily exists to protect the citizens from the government and not the “evil doers”, yet the citizens appear to remain powerless to prevent their government from destroying their rights one by one. This seems remarkable.

We are not allowed to know interpretations of various parts if this act, because it is secret.  We are also not allowed to know who and how many people (including US citizens) are affected by this act, because that is also secret. The sad irony is that its the ONLY people’s privacy and secrets that are compromised.

It was pushed through (with incredibly little attention from the media) at the last minute, while the mainstream media and people’s heads were turned, looking at the well marketed issue of the Fiscal Cliff. This limited the ability for review and in doing so, well watch this video…

President Obama’s statement when signing this act includes the following:

Even though I support the vast majority of the provisions contained in this Act, which is comprised of hundreds of sections spanning more than 680 pages of text, I do not agree with them all.

Surely, if the President disagreed with a SINGLE WORD of this act he should have refused to sign it as he is supposed to represent the people first?

And finally I learned this (Oh!)

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