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The United States government is, far and away, the greatest threat to world peace.

They have well over 700 military bases girding the globe, They’re armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction including hundreds of tactical nuclear weapons and 2,150 operationally deployed strategic US nuclear warheads. to say nothing of chemical and biological weapons, which the US has ‘renounced’ but remains capable of producing. They have a fearsome record of genocide in Vietnam and Iraq and a reputation of mass murder of civilians from Panama to Palestine.

Their reach is long and deadly. In the period since the end of World War Two they’ve attacked

Korea from 1950 to 1953,

Thailand and Cuba in 1962,

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos from 1961 to 1975 where they committed genocide,

The Dominican Republic in 1965,

Iran in 1980,

El Salvador in 1981,

Lebanon repeatedly from 1958 until 1982,

Grenada in 1983,

Iran (in the Persian Gulf) in 1987 and 1988.

Panama from 1989 to 1990,

Iraq from 1991 until recently,

Serbia in the 1990’s.

Afghanistan since 2001,

Iraq from 2003 until recently, a second genocide,

Libya, Bahrain and Yemen for the last several years.

They’ve continuously attacked Palestine since 1948 by supplying weapons to IDF thugs.

The solutions are easy, but the Democrats and Republicans will oppose them so we have to break with them.

1) fight for the immediate and total withdrawal of all US military, mercenary and security police forces (like the CIA) to US home bases and their demobilization and disarming.

2) press for a Constitutional amendment declaring that the US will never again engage in wars of aggression and laws making it a capital offense to plan or commit wars of aggression or to lie to Congress in the pursuit of wars of aggression.

3) call for convening an International War Crimes Tribunal to investigate US crimes against humanity and war crimes by US officials.

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