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New Year Resolutions

Getting started on 2013 resolutions

Since it’s been a slow news week — other than the brouhaha about the Gentle Fiscal Incline (h/t Charlie Pierce) and the re-election of the orange crybaby — I thought it would be fun to have some discussion about 2013 New Year’s Resolutions. I consulted Teh Google Machine and came up with a few lists of resolutions to get conversation started. Please add some of your resolutions, if you made them, and don’t feel bound to stay on topic! (Need I say that here?)

Here are some from David Sirota to consider. One is to “cut your cable” (which I’ve already done). He’s also planning to quit paying attention to Rush Limbaugh. That’s an easy one, especially if you don’t have cable!

According to the PolicyMic website, these are 2013’s 10 Most Common Resolutions. I’d never heard of PolicyMic until I found this, but it looks sorta worth digging into a bit more.

Kevin Drum says One of Your 2013 Resolutions May Already Be Done. Gee, it’s January 4th and I can cross one off already? Who knew?

20 Health Experts Share Their 2012 Promises in a slide show. Hey, it’s HuffPo, what do you expect? The first one has a bunch of weight lifts, squats and bench presses I think I won’t try.

Cute kid of the day (“P.S. I am 6”): His New Year’s goals: “Learn to fly” is first on his list, but he’s got some other very ambitious goals!

From awww, cute to tee-hee funny, a list of 10 Celebrity New Year’s Resolutions. I’m pretty sure the celebrities haven’t seen them…

Almost as amusing are the New Year’s Resolutions of the Tech Stars! Do check out the link in the first sentence to the WTF New Year’s Resolutions. Probably NSFW.

My (serious!) resolution is to ride my exercise bike at least 5 days a week for at least 45 minutes a day, and hopefully keep in shape for the 2000 miles I’ve resolved to cycle this year! What’s on your list?

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