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Orly Taitz Is The New Thurgood Marshall Now

Orly Taitz, the lawyer-dentist-real estate agent-floor wax-dessert topping, was back in court again yesterday trying to stop the electoral college (made up of Nate Silver, ACORN and the Black Panthers) from seating the Kenyan imposter upon the Peacock Throne because he is not Murican and he has a fake social security number (1-800-HOTNAKEDBIDEN) and also ‘Obama’ is obviously a fake name like ‘Orly”. Yeah, right. Who names their kid that?

Oh, also, Orly hast followers because, if a grifting fartbag like Rick Warren can have followers, why shouldn’t she since this is the land of opportunity and crazy:

Taitz has been dubbed the “birther queen” for her claims that Obama was born outside the United States and therefore cannot legally be president.

“What we’re doing here is the right thing,” she said during the hearing at Sacramento’s downtown federal courthouse. “It’s stopping treason.

“We are looking for one honest judge who will look at the case on its merits.”

She ran into a brick wall with [U.S. District Judge Morrison] England. The judge sparred with her for more than an hour as the hearing played out in a courtroom overflowing with spectators, many of them clearly not Obama supporters.

“Your argument, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever,” the judge told her at one point.

In the end, England rejected her request for a temporary restraining order that would stop the tally of electoral college votes and deny Obama a second term.

About that Thurgood Marshall thing:

“Why do you keep filing these lawsuits when they keep getting rejected?” England asked at one point.

Taitz responded by comparing herself to Thurgood Marshall and his persistence in filing suits to fight segregation.

You may remember that Thurgood Marshall represented the NAACP before the Supreme Court in Brown vs Board of Education (final score Brown 9, Board of Education 0) in a successful effort to allow blacks to enter previously all white classrooms. Orly Taitz is trying to disallow a black man from entering the White House.

So, you know, totally the same….

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