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Which Party, Democrat or Republican, will be the next Whigs? Or will both fall into History’s Big Dumpster?

As the squabbling inside and between both parties over austerity and union busting heats up, both parties are in for a period of irresolvable internal fracturing. So far that’s taken the form of fence jumping by governors and Senators and the use of the ‘independent’ option but there exists the real likelihood of splits and large scale political realignments.

Republican elephant and Democrat donkey

As the Democrats continue to move right, will far-left unions push for new options?

On the rabid right the Tea Party’s insistence on uncompromising opposition to GLBT and women’s rights, their more open racism and their hard line attacks on unions and working people are both isolating them and raising the level of bickering. Tea party types barely observe Republican party discipline and are pulling Republicans further and further to the right. That will make center right Republicans unelectable in center right districts and open to primarying in other districts. thei5r

On the center right Obama and the Democrat leaderships continued insistence on imposing austerity and busting unions is putting more and more pressure on the sellouts and lackwits who lead the AFL-CIO and CTW. Before last year’s election , impotent and boxed in by his own support for Obama, Trumka made noises about demanding results from Democrats but quietly slunk back under his rock when they ignored him.

Unions and working people are key to the strength, or lack of it, for Democrats. It’s unlikely that the AFL-CIO or CTW leaderships will ever break with the Democrats but the emerging union left is another story all together. Their principled opposition to austerity and union busting and their reliance on strikes as the weapon of choice will lead them further and further left and pose a huge challenge for the Trumka leadership.

These are the unions to watch as the radicalization heats up among working people. Unrepentant Bad Ass Unions and workers acting up –

ILWU and ILA International Longshore and Warehouse Union dockworkers – watch for new strikes on both coasts and

Railroad Workers United


Chicago Teachers Union – successfully beat back scabs led by Obama and Emanuel

Teamsters for a Democratic Union

National Nurses United – – fastest growing union in the AFL-CIO

Wal Mart Strikers

[Editor’s Note: Also Organization United for Respect – –MyFDL Editor]

KC Labor

Image by DonkeyHotey released under a Creative Commons license.

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