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Amy Goodman is on the radio, “…young woman succumbed to wounds she suffered during the hours-long attack.” God Damn! It’s been two weeks! Will a day ever pass that some reference to this atrocity won’t rip my heart out yet again? Yesterday it was her last words, “I’m sorry, mommy.” I sat in the car some few minutes, putting myself back together so I could go to my appointment. Today I’m standing at the grinder, sobbing, I can’t see to do my work, – for Chrissakes, must it be like this? MUST IT? Is there no other way? Hours long?

There are no words. Brutality? No, brutes are better than this. The word, it must be said, is “humanity.” Oil isn’t the problem. Drugs aren’t the problem. Politics aren’t the problem. People, are, the, problem. Humanity is the problem. We can be better than this, but we have to go deep to make this change. Really deep, as deep as habit, as deep as banality, morals, righteousness and innocence, yes that and pleasure too. For do we not derive a righteous pleasure at seeing wicked people led away in handcuffs? But, what do we trade for that satisfaction? The tacit acceptance of cruelty, violence and murder, time and time again. How can we imagine this has no effect on us? Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives” finally makes sense to me. Filing her nails while they’re dragging the lake. What banalities have we engaged in as the shit went down on TV? And this is our escape? Is life really that awful?

Bhutan has a Department of Happiness. Dennis Kucinich promised us a Department of Peace when he ran for President. We didn’t jump at the chance. WE are the problem. Compassion, love, empathy, imagination, mindfulness and justice should be taught at school, and why not? Because we haven’t asked for it! Politicians are cowards, they’ll do anything we ask, but we have to convince them we’re serious. We are all going to die. We share that with every living thing on earth. Every living thing on earth is destined to lose everything it ever held dear. Those we love will lose, and those we hate, will also lose, everything. Why on earth should we be anything but kind to each other?  (Thank you, Sam Harris)

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