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Darn Those Manichaeistic Types!

(Inspired by this post over in TBoggland.)

What I personally hate are:

1) The folks who think that any criticism of Obama means that you MUST hate and oppose everything he does and stands for;

2) The folks who think that any approval of anything Obama does means that you MUST support and uphold everything he does and stands for.

Talk about your Manichaeism!

To elaborate:

When one of the Manichaeists of one group said this:

They only way to conclude that Obama made a crappy deal is to agree with the premise that the deficit represents an immediate, short-term crisis and MUST be reduced NOW NOW NOW.

I felt it necessary to respond with this:

No, it’s to realize (as did that dirty hippie Paul Krugman) that he threw away his best pieces of leverage when he decided (after meeting with Robert Rubin) that he didn’t want to go over the fiscal cliff even for a little while, and now he has no leverage to use against the GOP to keep them from demanding (and getting) whatever they want when it comes to the debt limit fight.

But of course just to point out that Obama really made a boneheaded move here makes me evil and un-American in the eyes of some, while others — the ideological mirrors but the emotional twins of the members of the first groups — will say that I’m a deluded fool for thinking that Obama didn’t have this planned from the get-go so he could have the horrifically huge economy-killing budget cuts he allegedly always wanted.

Have at it, folks! Falls count anywhere!

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