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A name change


“A rose by any other name is still a rose”
If the right wing could emerge as “The Tea Party”, and become a force to be reckoned with; then the left can become “The New Democratic Party” and become a force to be reckoned with.

What are progressives but Democrats before they became “Republicrats”.  A platform combining the wisdom of FDR and the compassion of MLK, is what’s badly needed at this time.  If “all” progressives united under one banner that expressed this, the masses who are in need would get behind them.  “United Progressives” wont sell, but “The New Democratic Party” will, and it’ll attract all of those who remember the “Old Democratic” party with the spirit of FDR and MLK before it got bought off.

All things are possible if you get the masses behind you. Can anyone remember the “March on Washington”, organized by MLK.  I’m talking about a movement that would catch fire and burn faster than a forest in a drought.  If FDR and MLK were alive today, they would be “Progressives”, but they wouldn’t call themselves progressives, they would call themselves “Democrats”.  The FDR, MLK party would be “The Progressive Party”, flying under the name of “The New Democratic Party”, and that’s not a false flag. This is the reality we are confronted with, “There is no Democratic Party”.  While “The Progressive Party” is the Democratic party in reality, people don’t know that.  “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain”.  People will feel more comfortable voting for “The New Democratic Party”, than the Progressive Party.  Progressives can struggle another 50 years, or consider uniting under a banner that people would get behind and support.

Never in history has there been a better time for “Progressives”.  Agua is water in Spanish, they are both H20.  Progressive and FDR, MLK Democrat are the same.  People would recognize a “New Democratic Party” which has no affiliations with the present day Democratic Party but has chosen to resurrect the spirit of FDR and MLK combined in one party.  That’s the banner united progressives would fly under, and it would be no more false than calling “Agua”, water.

More Democrats are dissatisfied now than ever, they know the “Republicratic Party” is not acting in their best interests, and they want a change, but their is no other realistic option.  While “Progressive’s” are the only real option, patriotic citizens are only going to vote for “Democrat or Republican”; anything else is un-American.  The “New Democratic Party”, moving in the resurrected spirits of FDR and MLK, is as American as you can get.
Unless an FDR type works program is erected, the lower middle class will suffer indefinitely, and the solid middle class will slowly sink a notch.  No matter what the cost it must be done.  While only a “Progressive” president would be able to come to grips with this, that ain’t gonna happen; but I believe there is a possibility for a representative of “The New Democratic Party” to get a lot of grass roots support and go from there.

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