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FDL’s Best of the Best for 2012

As the current holder/owner of the Keys to the Great Scribbler’s Hals of Fame, I am exercising my perogative for having designated the FDL as the best writing platform of all the internet blogs that are available today.  Thusly, feel free to “contribute” to this thread your Best of the Best for this annual year that ends later today.  And when done, we call all enjoy your “best” and therefore, I offer this contribution and dated December 17th, and done as a ‘riff’ to David Dayen’s posting of that same day.

The Intentional and Under-Appreciated Deficit Con

For the insightful amongst us all “Common Sense” purveyors, we have forgotten that Dick Cheney once told us that “deficits don’t matter” and yet, he was quite insightful since this gimmick continues to inflict considerable economic pain onto all of us. Take, for example, a much larger employment regimen would increase governmental revenues by over $450 billion annually, and reduce our Safety Net spending by $150 billion when the reduction in spending for unemployment insurance, food stamps and Medicaid is factored into any stringent economic analysis.

And yet, when it comes to our public discourse, this increase in governmental revenue and the attendant spending cuts in the safety net, is not even considered by the “deficit scolds” since the ‘target’ for all this political animosity is focused on the national debt and for increasing the debt limit is scheduled for sometime next year. Moreover, government “borrowing costs” will remain at the lowered expectation of a 1.5% APR though fiscal year 2015 according to the latest pronouncement from the grizzled Chairman Bernanke at the Federal Reserve, as part an parcel to their Second-Half Charter responsibility for Full Employment. In short, this statement represents that the Fed will step up to the plate but the political leadership in Congress and at the White House have to do their part too.

And historically, context and content matters when viewed as a ‘feature’ and not as a ‘bug’ according to us, the “racial and ethnics” in our neck of the woods that is the Sonoran Desert. Consequently, we are the presumptive “experts” when it comes to the ‘white Pander’ when we consider that this Pander is an explicit character behavior of white Conservatives amongst the Democrats and the Republicans. To wit, the Conservatives “just don’t care” regarding the Middle Class and the Poor.

And now to our “demand”!

First, and foremost, the Oval Office “needs” to create a “Certificate of Ownership Obligation of Debt” in the amount of $16 trillion and send it over to the Federal Reserve and place this Certificate in a non-interesting bearing account. And shortly thereafter, the Fed creates the requisite amount of “digital dollars” and done in order to pay-off the existing debt owners of our Federal Obligation. Consequently, when these debt owners are removed from our political lexicon, Congress will allocate $500 billion annually to “pay-down” our Certificate held at the Fed. And in doing so, over the next 32 years, this debt will be wiped out, and thusly, when America’s “racial and ethnics” become the “majority,” our national debt will be either “manageable” or eliminated in its entirety. Otherwise, America’s “racial and ethnics” will be facing a minimal national debt in excess of $28 trillion, and which makes “maintaining and managing” America virtually impossible. And if so, the Mayan Prophecy missed it’s “mark” by 32 years.

Secondly, we need to “borrow” up to $1 trillion and activate the Regimen Construct for “nation building” here in the United States and where these monies are segmented into the “deficit” column. For in doing so, we can forge the Super Highway to Sizable Growth. Furthermore, if we have to borrow an additional $1 trillion and thusly encapsulated into the Deficit Column in order to craft the Pathway for “escaping poverty,” I won’t have to continue “listening” to the two Michaels. As such, my politics is personal.

To wit, Michael Gerson for suggesting that President Obama has to “pander” to the African American Male and Michael Barone’s suggesting that any disagreement with white Conservatives is equivalent to Barone’s quoting Alexis de Tocqueville, for “finally reducing each nation to be nothing more than a herd of timid and industrious animals to which government is the shepherd.” And now entering into our political picture is Doug MacEachern, a former White House speech writer, and who is adamantly opposed to bringing Native American/Chicano history into the 21st Century. And why is this important to all of us? White Conservatives refuse to recognize and acknowledge that Native American/Chicano military vets provided the “security detail” that enabled Cesar Chavez the opportunity to die of old age, despite the rigors and responsibilities that go with leadership. And when seen from the totality of the conservative mindset, our history is both invidious and insidious and must be rejected “at all costs” otherwise their “control” becomes diminished and which is inconsistent for their long term viability. Of course, this political wrangling at the margin continues to occur out of sight of the mainstream. And needless to say but I will, this behavior for denial, deflection and diversion is the main course for today’s political meal, or so, and to wit, conservatives have victimized themselves, albeit, inadvertent or unintentional.

In closing, how we, as Native American and Chicano military vets, engage ourselves into today’s political arena, our “majority” for the future that is our grandkids, is being placed in jeopardy, if we continue to “listen” to the intellectually lazy in our political arena and where the “unassailable” fact is deem irrelevant, given that “tax cuts” have no apparent linkage to “jobs.” Since our electioneering and votes were predicated on Jobs and More Jobs, we cannot lose sight of “You’re not wanted here!” instruments yesterday’s conservative Common Sense. And tomorrow’s conservative Common Sense will be instrumented with “Yes, we’re not wanted here!”


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