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Greetings and welcome to the very last Pull Up Your Cat…of 2012 that is. I guess I’m going to continue this for a while, primarily as a place for people to gather but also in the fond memory of Richard, aka SouthernDragon. People seem to enjoy it and find value in it and that’s really all I care about

Last week, if you remember, I’d been ill and I remained feeling pretty bad all week, though I didn’t take any more days off. I even got back on the bicycle on Wednesday and Thursday but by Friday, I felt like I was relapsing into flu. Hot, achey, scratchy throat, the whole enchilada so I took another break from my exercise routine. All of this has a way of upsetting poor Kuroneko. Between the change in routine due to holidays, the change in my behavior due to illness, she wasn’t faring too well herself in the middle of the week. On Saturday morning, I found the final cause of her mopey behavior in the form of an enormous hairball, hacked up on the kitchen floor. By yesterday evening, she was charging around the place with her back arched and her tail straight up in the air again. If I could get her to do that on command, I could rent her out as a Halloween cat. I try to photograph her doing that but it’s impossible to capture her. Oh well, someday I’m bound to get lucky but in the meanwhile, I’ll have to settle for being entertained with her antics. And with that cheesy segue into this week’s pictures, let’s have a look!
Kuroneko shows her white spots
This Kuroneko picture of the week wasn’t taken this week.
It’s an older picture I settled on when none of the ones I
tried to take of her running around like a furry, black Banshee
turned out. Here she is, resting under my desk and showing
off her white patches.
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Who can resist these three cuties in a kitteh
hammock? via I Can Has Cheeburger?

Frustrated momma cat tries to corral her offspring who have found the way out!

LMAO! Bonus video. This cat REALLY doesn’t like getting shots! Even wearing welding gloves doesn’t allow that assistant to handle this handful safely.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to visit, converse or pull up your cat, (dog, ferret, mouse, etc). I hope everybody has a great week ahead but please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life.

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