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Pull Up a Chair

Duct tape moving van

Duct tape moving van

A recent discussion on an Over Easy thread got me thinking: where would be my ideal place to live, if I could move anywhere? With a brand new year just around the corner, we might chat about where we’d like to live if money, family location, or jobs weren’t a constraint and we could just pick up and go anywhere.

I’m a lifelong Midwesterner. Born in Ohio, I spent much of my adult life in Michigan, briefly moved back to Ohio for career, and now have spent 9 years in Indiana. None are my ideal, but I’m retired, close enough to my kids and grandchildren to make frequent visiting easy, and with many friends and activities to keep me happy. I love my home, with its screened porch “in the woods” and its open floor plan.

But the weather here in NW Indiana is less than ideal, and South Bend is a small town with limited attractions other than Notre Dame (although Chicago is an easy drive). My sister is in the San Francisco area, but I wouldn’t want to locate that far away from my family, and the cost of living is horrendous. I’d love to see much less snow that we have here, but I wouldn’t want a place with little or no seasonal variation, which rules out the far south.

Money Magazine has this list of Best Places to Live 2012. I see Carmel, Indiana, where my son and his family live, tops the list!

If you’re looking for great weather, here are the top ten U.S. states with best weather. If you’re concerned about affordable living, check the top 10 most affordable cities in the U.S.

Want to know where to live if you’re raising a family? Here’s a good list, and number one is where my family spent 8 years, Grand Rapids, Michigan. But if you’re single, consider these options. If you’re retired or nearing retirement, investigate 10 Best Places to Retire in 2012. If you’re LGBT, the Human Rights Campaign’s list of Most Gay Friendly Cities is a good resource.

And if you’re a bit more worldly, here are the World’s best Places to Live. Hmmmm….none is in the U.S.

Pull up a chair, and lets do a bit of virtual traveling. Where would you live, if you could live anywhere?

Photo by R Horning, in the public domain

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