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Over Easy: Friday Free for All

Eggs and Bacon Hors D'Oeuvre

Brunch Hors D'Oeuvre

Good morning, early risers. I have a very mixed bunch of breakfast goodies this morning!

Nobody is paying much attention to Nancy Lanza, the mother of the Newtown shooter. Media reports even routinely leave her out of the count of Sandy Hook victims. And when they do pay attention, it is to make the shooter’s first victim, shot four times in her bed, a scapegoat for the crime.

Ryan Grim makes it clear that the “Fiscal Cliff” we’re all supposed to go over next Tuesday is mostly a non-event like Y2K.

Congress and the president can have their public and private dramas, but the government officials responsible for carrying out their eventual orders have seen this movie before, and they know how it ends.

Here’s a really sad story about someone who merits a commutation of his sentence, but still is in prison because the Office of the Pardon Attorney has torpedoed his plea for Presidential mercy.

Sen. Jeff Merkley and a group of his fellow senators are battling to limit use of the filibuster. (h/t Teddy Partridge)

When Lyndon Johnson was majority leader, he only had to deal with one filibuster. But in the last six years, Harry Reid has faced 386 filibusters as majority leader. Frankly, it’s amazing that any legislation actually passes the Senate.

Department of “Oh, brother…” (insert big eyeroll) The DeeCee area Starbucks are printing “Come together” on cups. Starbucks hopes it will persuade lawmakers to reach a “fiscal cliff” deal. (Now stop that snickering!) Charlie Pierce had a similar reaction, calling it a Cup O’ Schmoe.

Quelle surprise! The Tea Party mindset still dominates the GOP.

Late addition: The Nation lists its Progressive Honor Roll of 2012.

I’m having scrambled eggs and bagels with my granddaughters this morning. What’s your pleasure?

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