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Ed Markey Announces Senate Run to Replace Kerry

Senate Candidate Rep. Ed Markey

With Senator John Kerry (D-MA) likely to soon become Secretary of the State that has created an opening in the Senate. One of the first prominent politicians to officially announce their desire to replace Kerry is Democratic House member Ed Markey. From the

US Representative Edward J. Markey, dean of the state’s Washington delegation, will run in 2013 for the Senate seat expected to open with the nomination of Senator John F. ­Kerry to head the State Department.

Markey, 66, a Malden Democrat elected to the House in 1976, is the first prominent candidate to ­declare a run for Kerry’s seat, which will be filled through a special election early next summer, probably in June. Kerry, a Democrat and head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, is expected to be easily confirmed by the Senate in coming weeks as the next secretary of state.

Massachusetts is a heavily Democratic state that has several prominent Democrats who would likely be interested in running for the Senate. It is possible that Markey’s seniority will dissuade other Democrats from getting in the race, but such an opening has been so rare in Massachusetts it seems unlikely that Markey will avoid a primary.

The biggest question remains will Sen. Scott Brown (R), who was recently defeated by Elizabeth Warren, try to return to the Senate. He is probably the only Republican with a real chance of winning in such a blue state. A WBUR poll shows that Brown’s favorability rating remains extremely strong and that he currently leads in potential special election matchups.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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