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Supreme Court Is Cool With Jesus Scrapbooking Ladies Slutting It Up

The Supreme Court on Wednesday told the owners of a chain of Jesus bookstores as well as the owners of the very exciting sounding Hobby Lobby Stores that they have to provide their lady employees with whore pills and probably strawberry-flavored lube as per President Obangyu X Bootycall’s mandatory sex Rx:

The U.S. Supreme Court declined Wednesday to put a temporary hold on a controversial provision in the new health care law requiring employers to provide health insurance coverage for contraceptives.

Two businesses challenging the act — the nationwide chain of 500 Hobby Lobby Stores and Mardel, a chain of Christian bookstores — contended that the law violates their religious freedom. Their legal battle is continuing over the merits of their claim. In the meantime, they asked the US Supreme Court to put a temporary hold on the law, which takes effect January 1, 2013.

On Wednesday, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who handles emergency appeals from the courts where the companies are based, declined to grant an injunction.

Basically Sotomayer told them they had to hit on the lower courts first and if they still won’t take ‘no” for an answer, the Supreme Court might take it up if they’ve got a hankering for sloppy seconds. In concurrence, Justice Clarence Thomas uttered low guttural moans, his eyes rolling back in his head as he rubbed himself indiscreetly…

Bonus: This is making Ann Althouse see onion ring vaginas again

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