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It’s an interesting journey for a kid who grew up hating the government and never to support their reckless wars and security state. However, it should be noted, that I’m not rich, that I vote and pay my taxes when I qualify.

The old motto from Wendell Holmes on the facade of the IRS building in D.C. is “Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.” Not everyone agrees.

Ed Crane of the uber-conservative Cato Institute said, “Taxes are actually the price we pay for our failure to create a civil society.”

He is adopting an anarchist slogan – without being an anarchist. He’s an anarcho-capitalist on steroids and I find his vision of a libertarian society in which no one owes anything to anyone else terrifying. Somehow everything will just work out nicely if we all take care of ourselves and leave everyone else alone. That’s been the trend, as they say, and we can see how well-managed a society the U. S. is becoming – at a terrifying pace. Fortunately, Europeans have a little more sense and cynicism about the role of taxes and government – and they actually get something in return.

But all that merely scratches the surface of the debate. “War is the health of the State.” Randolph Bourne said that. And you?

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