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Postcard: Social Security Does Not Add One Cent to the Deficit, Hands Off!

I recently overheard the editor of a local paper say that “solving the ‘fiscal cliff’ was easy”. Of course, the first two things he tossed over the so-called “cliff” were Social Security and Medicare. Grrrrrr.

My first response was to write a letter to the editor. In it, I noted that actions such as raising the eligibility age, or cutting benefits, negatively impact seniors, but do absolutely nothing to decrease the deficit. Social security does not contribute to the deficit, as it is self-funded.

Next, I am starting my “Penny Campaign”. One penny sent to Washington, will do more to decrease the deficit than any cuts to Social Security. I want to point this out. This week, I will be passing out these cards at our weekly Occupy street action. Feel free to join my campaign!


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