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On progressive unity

Someone posted “Any criticism of Obama is considered racist.”  That’s a favorite quote of the racists.  We’re Progressives, and we’re all inclusive.  Anything said in regard to race that can be misinterpreted is probably best left unsaid.

Obama speaking

Obama serves the same corporate masters as other politicians. Where do we look for real progressive leadership?

Our focus has to be on class.  I’ve observed a different African American on the scene who has no race, his color is money green, and he belongs to the political class.  Race today is like a Salvador Dali painting with the melting clocks, it’s difficult to describe and almost impossible to pinpoint.

We are where we are because race was used to get people to vote against their own best interests. I saw a Michael Moore documentary where he described his idyllic childhood growing up in Flint.  His family lived the American dream while his father worked in something related to car manufacturing, and he was trying to piece together “what happened to the American dream?”  I could have told him.

Racists who were living the dream, didn’t want black people to live the same dream; they voted for someone who hated unions and blacks.  This was the beginning of the end of the American dream.  Strong unions demanded a piece of the pie that was the enormous profits corporations were making.  They demanded wages in proportion to the corporations profits.

I wont mention the union buster’s name because it runs up my blood pressure, but he convinced the racists that their high wages was part of the problem.  They caused manufacturers to leave this country.  Once some Democrats began to go along with the madness, that was the end of the American dream.

When Mr. “hope and change” came along, we saw the perfect solution to the problem; African Americans have been victimized more than any other group in this country, no one better than an African American could be selected to fight for justice for the working class.

Barack Obama turned race into a Salvador Dali painting.  Nothing is what it used to be, and it’s very difficult to describe; consequently it can’t be pinpointed and, anything you say about it can very easily be misinterpreted.  Such is race today in America.  As a progressive, I think it’s best left alone, and this is after jumping in those turbulent waters a few times myself.

Photo by Joe Crimmings released under a Creative Commons No Derivatives license.

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