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a few days ago someone pointed out that Australia, Canada, & Scotland had successfully enacted gun control legislation, to which i responded, yeah, but Australia, Canada, & Scotland weren’t batshit crazy countries to begin with…so why is this country so damn crazy? and why cant we begin to comprehend how others among us think?  could it be as simple as that many of us have been chemically altered in such a way that makes our comprehension of the behavior of those with different brain chemistry impossible?  with that in mind, lets looks at the links below to a number of incidents selected from a website which has a collection of cites to 4,800+ news stories, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media, each of which appears to be the result of anti-depressant induced violence…

Click on the ‘What’ to access a story. Click on a column heading to open a larger index sorted by that column.

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ok, what we see here is that is that one class of widely prescribed drugs has been linked to violent behavior…but what about the other drugs our society consumes? according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, we as a nation were consuming 12.1 prescriptions per capita in 2011; the US leads the world by far in prescription drug use, and misuse of legal medications kills more US citizens than die in car crashes…and those numbers dont even count non prescription drugs or other mind altering chemicals we use…obviously, anyone who has smoked a lot of pot or drunk a lot of alcohol has seen their behavior altered; the same can even be said for caffeine…how do the many drugs we take affect the thinking and social interaction of those consuming them? and how can those who are not consuming the same drugs pretend to know how those who are not similarly chemically altered are thinking?  does working with or living with someone who is chemically different in their thinking alter one’s own behavior, social interaction or outlook?  how can anyone begin to sort this out, and what drugs might we need to take to clearly see what has happened to us?

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