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Ivan Oleander

Ivan Oleander

I was born accidentally in the fall of '84 to unwed parents. When I was ten months old, my mother and I were in a car accident -- I survived; her sister adopted me. When I was seven, my aunt married an abusive alcoholic who made our lives ... more interesting; the next year, my great grandfather (one of my favorite people) passed away; not long after, another one of my favorite people, my young granny, committed suicide, family and friends continued to pass on, more hilarity ensued. Today I am a full-time college student attending the University of Central Arkansas. I have spent a decent amount of time traveling the country (visited 37 out of 50 states so far) trying to get to know and understand its people. I have worked in restaurants, corn fields, apple orchards, greenhouses, candy factories.... I am currently fulfilling my dream by starting a non-profit. I love this country -- its wonderful and varied people. I know what the hard road looks like and how difficult it can to keep pushing on. I would like to think that I have gained a great deal of experience through the years, though they may be few in number, and I want to use that experience to help as many people as possible, all the while learning and experiencing as much as possible.