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My mother passed some weeks ago. And though it has been a long while since I actually lived at home and got up Christmas morning to presents and stockings there. And a while since I spent time on Christmas with her, having moved from Florida to Ohio. It still seems rather melancholy to not be able to talk to her on Christmas. To send her something. Usually some of my Pulla sweat bread.

I do miss this part even though I have not really celebrated Christmas myself in a while.

I have got to wondering what parents want for their children and what they should want.

I received the usual presents from my parents, aunts, uncles and “Santa”. Most of the toys I wanted, being easily manipulated by the advertising on TV. Some I found I really enjoyed…at least for a while. Others not so much.

My favorite present that I can remember was a big box of radio and electronics parts that I got from my grandfather. I AM more than a bit of a tech geek and have been since I can remember. I got this gift when I was 12 years old, if I remember correctly. Kept me entertained for nearly 3 weeks.

But as I stated before, I wonder what parents want for their kids. The common expectations appear to be for them to be successful in some way. Usually monetarily. Or in some instances, well educated. Sometimes famous and important or strong and competitive. To have a big house and big car and what ever else their position would afford them.

I wonder how many though want their children to be intelligent, wise, compassionate, humble, thoughtful, creative, imaginative, generous and enlightened. To become the best person they can be regardless of their otherwise stature.

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