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Over Easy: Monday Science

I know who you are and I saw what you did!

Merry Chris…ummm, Have a Happy, Politically Correct, Non-sectarian Holiday Season!

This time is of Year is supposed to be a time of Hope and Good Cheer for all, so from  the realm of Science comes a little Hope for the future. Along with a few cynical asides. Because I just can’t help myself.

Very positive step forward in the treatment of MS. And another step forward in dealing with the effects. I cannot avoid a creepy reference to Countess Batholy.

Your mind works, but your body doesn’t? You can now control a robot arm with your brain. Major step forward.

Detergent could be the next tool for cleaning up oil spills. Just spread the soap, then use a magnet to suck it up. What, you didn’t know soap was magnetic?

The only things certain are death and taxes. Well, we’re making progress on death. One man’s unbelievable becomes another man’s research paper. I recommend the links in that story as well.

Marijuana may actually REDUCE your chances of cancer. So you’ll live long enough to serve your full sentence for it!

Silkworms can be engineered to make much stronger spider silk, possibly in commercial quantities.

Since we’re obviously not going to do anything soon to reduce carbon emissions, this might be part of our management plan. An example of research having beneficial side effects. Or maybe this as well

An exercise pill?!? Not sure if it the holy Grail or yet another excuse to be a couch potato. Will abuse of this first start in professional sports or in the audience of Oprah?

Now we evesdrop on bacteria. This is good thing, but I worry that DHS may try to tune into our wedding rings.

Using stem cells and annoying anti-abortion zealots pays off. This form of macular degeneration may now be treatable. Another interesting discovery about treatments with stem cells, this one on preventing organ rejection.

Though the concept of decay heat nuclear generators everywhere isn’t my idea of wise, the idea of using this to suck up waste heat and turn it to power is interesting. Imagine a dry cask of nuclear waste made with these things, generating electricity as it decays. Or a solar mirror station aimed at it.

Science can be used for good or evil. Or houses. 3d printers are affordable and available on EBay and Amazon. This genii is out of the bottle, for good or ill.

Even this abstract is enough to make ones eyes glaze over. Translation: They’ve found a drug that removes the plaques that many theorize cause the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. And a possible vaccine! 

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. Acne medicine to treat schtzopherenia?

This is a legitimate breakthrough in AIDS treatment. And this is still in the future, but Xmas is about hope, no?

Solar gets cheaper.  People are making advances with little government help.  IBM has a new battery that could give a car 500 mile range. We’re actually 1st or 2nd in the world in renewable investment, but it’s mostly private. The National Science Foundation spent some money and look what they got! UC -Berkley made these! Sharp did this! Imagine what a Manhattan Project directed toward solar could do. *sound of dead horse being beaten*

Wallpaper saves lives.

Boxturtle (A search on science and humbug landed me here. Merry Xmas!)

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