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#IdleNoMore Liveblog– Breaking: Nobel Women In Solidarity w/ Chief #TheresaSpence | #RoundDanceRevolution in Progress


What is the goal of the Idle No More protests? @Pam_Palmater explains

on @CTVNews (can’t get this to display; notice attitude of corporate Canadian media)



Nobel Women ?@NobelWomen
Solidarity for Chief #TheresaSpence – peacefully protesting Indigenous Treaty Rights in Canada & inspiring #IdleNoMore:
12:35 PM – 24 Dec 12 · Details


The Left Populist ?@TheLeftPopulist
Naomi Klein speaks about #idlenomore & Chief Theresa’s hunger strike #cdnpoli #naomiklein #occupy #canada
1:00 PM – 24 Dec 12 · Details

#RoundDanceRevolution in progress:

Ryan McMahon Comedy @RMComedy
Seattle, WA – watch the way the singers & drums move as they sing – one heartbeat. #IdleNoMore #RoundDanceRevolution …
10:32 PM – 22 Dec 12 · Details

Melissa Ehm ?@mmmelissa01
RT @rootsconscious: Were at least 5 rows deep #rounddancerevolution at Angrignon #Montreal #IdleNoMore
11:54 AM – 24 Dec 12 · Details

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