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GOP: Who needs Romney? We got Obama!

AS the Democrats push forward their right wing agenda, the question must be asked- Who needs Romney?
A list of the Obama/dem agenda:

stay in Iraq, triple the the military in Afghanistan-then stay forever, attack Yemen, destroy Libya, destroy Syria, increase the drone wars, do Africa, massively build=up in the Philippines, doing everything they can to bring on war with Iran, assassinating american citizens, indefinately detaining us citizens,drug war, bankster bail=outs, making sure the that taxes on the rich dont return to their previous rate as mandated by current law, that we must cut SS and medicare so that corporations and military wont be affected, 40 billion a month to the banks via the fed, redo the tax code to “broaden the base”, more powers to the president, no wallstreet prosecutions, prosecute whistleblowers at record rates, ect ect

The Republicans are doing just fine?

Glenn Ford from black agenda report is spot on, Obama is the more effective evil because as a democrat the democrat sheople will follow the Sheppard, EVERYTIME.

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