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Hello there, caturfolk. Pull up your cat and maybe some hot chocolate and share some kitteh chat.

It’s been a tough week here. Sunday night, I got a nagging little headache which woke me up several times. By the time it was Monday morning, I was feeling all sinusy. My right eye was a little bit sore and watery and I had a bleah feeling all day. You know that stage before you are full blown ill and are still hoping you might get over it quickly. Under the theory that a lot of rest would help, I went to bed very early on Monday night but by Tuesday, I knew I had the flu so I stayed home. I slept most of that day but when I did wake up, I was very, very sick. I spent a lot of time off and on the sofa for the rest of the week and though I returned to work, that wasn’t a very pleasant experience at all. I actually feel more or less human again as I write this on Saturday night and hope I’m finally kicking it. I still haven’t been able to get back on the exercise bike though. Maybe Sunday…

Kuroneko hasn’t spent a whole lot of time close to me except when I’m on the sofa because the heat of my fever is uncomfortable and loud noises like sneezing freaks her out. When I’m laying down on the sofa though, she spent some time on my legs, where she could be close without burning up or being sneezed on. That was a great comfort to me though getting up is sometimes problematic. Her resting on my legs brings us to our pictures though.

Look at the camera, goofy cat!
Kuroneko picture of the week: Neko is nestled on my left
thigh where she likes to be when I’m on the couch.

Neko is on my leg while I'm sick on the sofa
I finally got her to turn around and look at the camera!
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Who can resist a kitteh in a Christmas tree? via I Can Haz Cheezburger

The Rum-Tum Tugger from “Cats!” I enjoyed this play in Chicago in 1986. It was warm in the theater and I can’t imagine how the performers could be so energetic in those costumes.

I hope everybody has a good week ahead. Merry Christmas to all, or whatever holiday you may celebrate. Please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share your life.

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