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#IdleNoMore Liveblog PostScript

Wendy has a great video she’s brought to my attention in the comments of #IdleNoMore: Liveblog of Peaceful Protests Today Across Canada (Friday December 21, 2012 11:09 am PST):

Elliot commented

 here’s a writeup in the Guardian

Here’s a repost of my response to Elliot:

Given the history of Canada, the central govenment’s relationship to the Queen and since the Guardian has never covered “starlight tours” to my knowledge and key word searches, I’d prefer folks to see and hear it from the horse’s mouth as per here in the second quotes rather from a media outlet run out of the UK. The very simplified message of the things said in the raw video footage is “decolonize” and we all rise together.

What’s been brought up re #IdleNoMore is what the Canadian cousins are saying about the unresolved issues. It’s even harder to get access to what the “southern” cousins in the United States and pan “Latin America” are saying as the genocide and marginalization programs have been so successful. However, stay tuned and expect to directly hear more from folks themselves as clearly they aren’t going away! 😉

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