Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Since this is the last basset blogging before the birthday of Our Lord and Savior And Reason Why The Enlightenment Stalled Out Jesus Tebow Christ, I thought I would post the picture of Beckham the Christmas Stegabassetsaurus:

Sadly, this was the last picture I ever took of the little guy who passed away quite suddenly three weeks later.

Ah well, so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past…

This will be the last post until the day after Christmas, regardless of whatever bullshit (none of which will have anything to do with guns) the NRA rolls out on Friday. I’m going to take the time to get a few (real) work projects done, do some modest holiday shopping, a little biscotti baking, as well as finally getting around to getting some serious reading done.

So… on behalf of my own bad self, the leggy and boobilicious Mrs TBogg, the lovely and talented Casey (who is spending her Christmas rockin’ around in NYC) and the boys:

… have a Very Merry [choose one] pagan ritual of choice/orgy/ camping out on the couch watching Law & Order SVU marathon while wearing a Snuggie/ alien anal probe.

Or all of them. I don’t judge.


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