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The Plan B Follies: Freedomworks Jumps Off the Ship

This clown show on the House floor just got more hilarious. At some point in the last four hours or so, Freedomworks, a key tea party group, abandoned their support of Plan B, this Boehner proposal to create what looks like a conservative wish list. They wrote a long encomium to Plan B at 9am this morning, and by 1:30pm, they added this:

[Update 12/20, 1:30 p.m. ET: After review of the Boehner Plan B legislation, pending in the House today, FreedomWorks has found it must oppose the legislation, and will be urging House members to vote NO on the bill. We will post our formal opposition letter on our site, soon.]

Hysterical. There’s been no reason given for this change of heart. Meanwhile, RedState continues to oppose the bill as a tax hike. It actually cuts taxes on many rich people relative to current law, while raising taxes relative to current law on the middle class and working poor.

I wonder how long they’ll have to keep this vote open to get their desired result. And meanwhile, Senate Democrats reiterated they won’t even bother to bring Plan B up for a vote. So the entire big lift here is completely meaningless. No wonder Republican numbers are tanking.

Photo by Lucy Nieto under Creative Commons license.

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David Dayen

David Dayen