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So rather soon, I suspect, Obama to release new definition of “Democracy”

The old definition of democracy was framed inside a concept that people should choose who it was they wanted to have run for office.

That quickly became the notion that Political Parties would choose who it was that should run for office.

Even the second notion has become rather quaint. We now live inside a society where there is only One Real Political Party – the Big Money Party.

So basically, in this new style of democracy, if you have some Big Amounts of Money, you get to help the “Two” Political Parties decide who should run. Collusion between the Parties will, of course, be rampant.

How much money gets spent by Big Money? Well, over the last few months, the Big Energy Companies spent close to 300 billion dollars to help “their candidates” win elections. Banking and Financial firms spent even more.

No one should feel this changes anything. If you work very very hard, you too might end up being a billionaire, and can help out in making these “democratic choices.”

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