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Obama Starting War with Russia, amid End-Time Prophecy and Poetry, as New Pearl Harbor Looms

Obama Starting War with Russia, amid End-Time Prophecy and Poetry, as New Pearl Harbor Looms — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


(This article will in part look at end-time prophecies associated with 12/21/12, and how they can be seen to relate to the current world situation. I’ll look at prophecies that are either often cited, or may have already come true: Mayan, Biblical, I Ching-Psychedelic, Crystal- or Silicone-based lifeforms, Nostradamas, and the Norse Eddas.)

The US and NATO are amassing troops and Patriot Missiles along Turkey’s border with Syria. The US keeps claiming without evidence that Syria and Iran may have (or may get) Weapons of Mass Destruction, the implication being that we should therefore kill them. Iran borders Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey Pakistan and the former Soviet Union (Turkmenistan). Russia supplies Iran and Syria.

This war pits the US, Al Qaeda, Germany, Turkey, and the Netherlands against Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia. Iraq just beat us in a war. With Russia’s and Iran’s help, they can obviously do it again. The weakest, most technologically backward  country in the world, Afghanistan just beat us in a war. Now, Obama wants to start one with Russia, even though he knows we can’t possibly keep up the supply lines. But it would raise the price of Oil, which is presumably what he’s trying for.

And amid all this warmongering, the US has its 5th Fleet docked in Bahrain’s harbor, while Genocides, Slavery, Torture, and other unspeakable horrors are carried out by Bahrain’s ODS (Obama Death Squad). All of those US ships parked in one place. Loaded up with weapons and personnel and Nuclear Power Plants and bombs. If Russia nukes our Navy in the Bahrain harbor (which would be at least as reasonable as going to war against the US without such an attack), then Russia will have an even bigger share of the international Oil market than they already have. And they’re about number one now, depending on who’s counting.

If Russia Nuked a Nuclear Powered ship in the harbor, the resultant explosion and its complications would likely take Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, and possibly Kuwait and Iraq, out of the world Oil market, because theirs would be blown up, burned, spilled, lost, and wasted. And Russia would be the last big super power standing.

Okay, enough fun, let’s get to work on those prophecies.


Nostradamas didn’t say anything about 2012, and a fraudulent claim had him predicting 9/11 leading to World War III.  However, Nostradamas did name a specific date in at least one prophecy (or quatrain), and that was the date of Cassini, the Plutonium-loaded Nuclear Powered spaceship that was propelled hurtling toward Earth at amazing speeds, to use our planet’s gravity for a slingshot effect.

Not long before the Cassini fly-by, a Russian Plutonium-loaded Nuclear Powered spacecraft broke up over Australia and crashed in the Bolivian desert. Cassini could have crashed to Earth killing lots of people – the US Government estimated that in a worst-case scenario, no more than 100,000 people would be killed. As Nostradamas wrote:

“In the seventh month of 1999/The great King of Horror comes from the sky,/To resuscitate  the great king Angolmua/And before and after Mars will be to rule happily.” So, the Horror came from the sky, but it didn’t spill and kill. An ominous precursor?

Mayan Calendar

The Mayan Calendar ends at Winter Solstice this year, though some people say it doesn’t. Usually, when a calendar ends, we just get another calendar that picks up where that one left off. Whoever made the Mayan Calendar may have thought that there would be plenty of time to get the next one done. But they knew of lots of astronomical events, and didn’t chart any more of them after this Friday 12/21/12 at 6:12 am EST. That’s 11:12 Greenwich Mean Time. It’s at 3:12 am West Coast time.

Strategic Nuclear Logic

Russia may Nuke our 5th Fleet, noting President Obama’s violent insanity. It would be considered self-defense. Let’s face it: As crazy wacko as Obama is – claiming that he’s allowed to kill any children he wants, and it doesn’t matter, and nobody can stop him – we’re obviously in grave danger from him at all times. He could decide to Nuke Russia. He could attack the moon. But more likely, he’ll turn the weapons on us. So, with such a violently insane man in the White House, starting a war with Russia already, some of these Nuclear prophecies could come through.

Psychedelic I Ching

Psychonaut explorer brothers Terrence and Dennis McKenna used I Ching Book of Changes methods to forecast the end time. Karl Jung respected I Ching. If you understand this, please think about it on your own time. This site says that they found 12/21/12 through I Ching without knowing about the Mayan prophecy. Another online article I saw had the McKennas placing the end date on this coming Sunday, the 22nd. Wikipedia says that at first, Terrence McKenna published part of his material without a date, and then, after someone else had popularized the date, McKenna took up that date and ran with it.

Terrence McKenna was really into DMT, dimethyl tryptamine, the “spirit molecule” as he called it. It’s in an herbal preparation called Jurema (pronounced approximately “Dreamer”). The Supreme Court has twice ruled that such short-acting tryptamine drugs are Legal religious sacraments. But the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) does whatever it wants, including suppressing religions. I’m going to smoke Jurema that day anyway. What have I got to lose? It’s our last day on Earth anyway, right? What’re they going to do? Lock me up for an hour or something?

Carbon-based lifeforms will become either Silicone-based or Crystals

I’ve been told that this theory comes from mystic Caroline Myss, who spoke about it in the mid-1980s. Whoever it comes from originally, it’s popular, I’ve heard it a lot. It goes like this: We Carbon-based lifeforms (including all lifeforms on this planet) will progress to being Crystal- or Silicon-based lifeforms. That would be kind of hard to handle. It’s hard for me to think about it, but it’s gotten unbelievably popular. Dig this: and

Norse Eddas‘ end-time prophecy Ragnarok (Götterdämmerung)

This one already came true, to the extent that prophecy – understood to be vague, ambiguous, hard to interpret – can be judged correct. It forecasts what seems like everything being wiped out in a Nuclear Holocaust. That part didn’t happen yet, but the other part: NATO bombing of Sirte or Surt, Libya, where Black Africans were burnt to death and to a crisp. The town was destroyed. Obama had hired Al Qaeda Mercenaries who destroyed many cities and towns, and conducted Genocides against Blacks and Sufis in Libya, and who later killed our Ambassador there].

The prophecy called for a Fire Giant named Surt to rise in the South in the end time. This happened in 2012. Nobody cared. But they will. Surt’s name refers to blackness and to burnt-to-a-crispness (not in a good way). So, the crystaline Silicone, the Nuclear nightmare, and the psychonauts’ expectations could all happen at 6:12 am EST Friday morning; and the Norse prophecy, the Nostradamas prophecy, and the Mayan Calendar already came true, or are certainly turning right now.

President Obama seems to be doing his part to push for the Nuclear Holocaust part to happen. 6:12 am EST matches 666 from Revelation, the Number of the Beast.

The Bible’s Book of Revelation

The last book of the Christian Bible has end-time or era-changing prophecies. It might be seen to support the Nuclear nightmare scenario. It gives the Bible cyclic structure, since the Tree of Life is mentioned on the first page of Genesis, and the Trees of Life are right there on the last page of Revelation. The book is also called the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine. It predicts that Israel will again be a nation after not being one for a long time. It predicts that repressive Governments will try to control everything we buy or sell, through a mark in the hand or forehead – which might be a credit card, a chip implant [as they already do on dogs], or an identifying tattoo.

It predicts that the power far to the North of Israel will attack it in the end times. People have long thought that this referred to Russia, but it doesn’t match up to another very important part of the prophecy. The Beast of Revelation that we are all to fear, is not Russia, according to Christian forecaster Hal Lindsey in the 1970s in The Late Great Planet Earth. Lindsey was sure that it refers to the Government of Europe, which he sees as a step to Revelation‘s prediction of world Government.

The Beast of Revelation has a symbolic number of heads. It has 12 heads and ten crowns. There are now ten crowned heads in Europe.

Close enough. It’s ending. Smoke your Jurema, if you can. Yopo is even better. Read Revelation. Pray. I love you, friends: sisters and brothers.

(I’ll add another poem later. This is from my unpublished Rock Epic, the chapter Rats. De facto copyright in 1978. First performed on the radio [WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa Community Radio] in January 1987. First performed onstage in 1988 in 3 Birds Bookstore, Ybor City, Tampa, Florida.)



‘Twas  the night before Rapture, ~~ and all through the Protectorate,

Pot patients were still being captured. ~~ Man, it makes me want to expectorate.

Mamá in her Gurdjieff and I in my est ~~ Knew not left from right, up from down, East from West.

‘Twas the night before waR, and all through the nation, ~~ People were scurrying to Civil Defense station,

For they feared on world warlord would soon opt to blast one, ~~ And they knew that this next waR now would be the last one.

Shockings were hanged in the trenches with caution. ~~ The kids wanted presents, so PayRents, they bought some,

‘Cause gifts, like TV, music, sports, and parades, ~~ Can circumvent thinking and further charades,

So celebrate son, soldiers should be hurrayed, ~~ For they’re planning to win where they’re planning to raid,

But the best-laid plans, both Rodent’s and Man’s ~~ Might not get laid before Babylon’s paid,

So if you missed hearing angels’ voices in choral, ~~ Remember you wouldn’t if you’d been much more moral.

We all fall for the ball call because we’re so vIral, ~~ Caught fox-holed in box hold in out in downward spiral,

Weave come to the time friends when H-bomb helLfire’ll

Shower, devour us, deflower us, last-hour us, ~~ Kill planet and plants and at last overpower us.

He spoke not a word, being straight was his work. ~~ He fired all the rockets, then turned to the jerk

Who was playing, his finger inside of his nose, ~~ And beginning to nod, and his temper arose;

And he said “Don’t you see how we’ve wilted the world? ~~ My son will not grow up, nor your little girl.

The wasted weren’t wanting waR’s worst to unfurl.

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