Hello, Congressional Progressive Caucus members and staff

We are the watching and active and coordinating Left.

We’ve noticed how you operate, CPC reps and staffers. We are not amused. We are angry, coordinated, and at this early point semi-connected to the unions, churches, and various other “power players” in our local communities. If you agree to cuts in ANY parts of the safety net for the poor, not just Social Security, we will consider you a lost cause.

We need LEADERSHIP, and you’ve let us down, time and again. But we, your real constituents, are willing to just let the past go. But only if you stand up and LEAD. And Grayson, your following us, is NOT leading. Don’t pretend that you’re a real leader here, and we’re just hanging on your every word. Say something like “Thanks, Jane and FDL peeps, for showing the way. Here’s my ideas for fixing the political system,”. Because FDL peeps were weeks/months/years ahead of y’all.

I know we are willing to try, if not able, to bring a Green candidate to power in Washington. Or in a Mayoral office, even. But probably Washington.

We are everywhere. We organized globally.

You, Stoller, ( I don’t delude myself that Grayson would ever read/write here) have your ear on the ground. But hear this: We are angry to the extreme.

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