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The Choice is Between “Guns and Guns”, not “Guns and Butter”

There was a Bipartisan Congressional letter calling for Defense Cuts, ie  Less US Guns Roaming the World. Every single Libertarian leaning Republican signing that letter likes domestic guns ie against against gun control, while all but one of the Democratic Reps signing that joint letter is for gun control, Kurt Schrader goes to great lengths to claim to be neutral on Gun Issues

However the US faces a third choice accomplish neither. Many don’t like a Libertarian – Left alliance on the grounds of principle, or just find it disgusting, generally progressive people who go social justice or labor meetings and speak up for Ron Paul get challenged even insulted more than self-proclaimed Conservatives who praise Paul, and the other way around in pro-traditional values meetings.

Anyway if the gun control groups got together with the defense industry, putting them on their boards etc. there would be a quick assault rife ban in the US. If instead peace groups would put libertarians on the boards of their peace groups the US would quickly stop pouring arms into Syria, for both sides to end up killing each other with, and and if things backfire end up killing Americans as well. I remember hearing an old World War II joke (or was it a story) about selling our scrap metal to Japan, and getting it back during the war.

The left leaning Democrats that called on the Budget Committee to make Defense Cut are:

Keith Ellison MN (NRA 0),  Barbara Lee CA (NRA 0), Michael Honda CA  (NRA 0), Jared Polis CO (NRA 0), James Moran VA (NRA 0), Barney Frank MA (the National Rifle Association seems to remove ratings when someone doesn’t seek reelection), Jerrold Nadler NY (NRA 0), Kurt Schrader OR (NRA 83% his belief seems to be, arguing is counter productive on gun issues),  Edward Markey MA (NRA 0),  Gwen Moore WI (She has a intense crusade against the NRA), Lynn Woolsey CA (NRA doesn’t rate either since she is not seeking reelection).

Before I list the Libertarian leaning Republicans who want military cuts, I will mention Ron Paul who seems to have retired a little early. Ron Paul has been extremely persuasive on Gun Control far more so than anyone with a sharp tongue to bait and thus inspire the gun control crowd.

The Republicans who insist on Defense Cuts are: Mick Mulvaney SC (NRA 92%,) Tom Mctvancy CA   (NRA 92%), Morgan Griffith VA (NRA 100), Justin Amash MN (NRA 58%)  Amash is portrayed as the new Ron Paul but not when it comes to gun issues, Raul Labrador WI (NRA 92%), Reid Ribble WI (NRA 92%), Thomas Massie KT (NRA) 92%), Dan Benishek MI (NRA 100%), Scott Garrett NJ (NRA 100%.

Justin Amash and Mick Mulvaney’s Congressional web pages are filled with material urging Defense cuts. Now that the tragic killings at an elementary school took place many who want defense cuts have partly moved much of their focus instead to domestic gun issues.

The only way that tragedy could have been averted is to either ban assault weapons or else requiring that those with a license to have then have a finger print electronic trigger lock that allows only the owner to fire it, and sends signals though the internet for tracking purposes if anyone starts to try to jimmy the finger print lock. Attempting this will guarantee that children in Syria will continue to die from US military aid, and the US will continue to have a overwhelming financial burden from defense spending. The choice is gun deaths at home, or US  international guns aid and US gun firings around the world and overwhelming military expense. Before his district got redistricted from under him people used to rely on Dennis Kusinich when it comes to peace issues, if  Justin Amash and  Raul Labrador became a team they could, in a somewhat different way, be just as powerful.


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I'm retired in Philadelphia. Non religious but there seems to be a life force that I see as more personal than is usually expressed.

I was raised a Quaker (common with Christian Jewish intermarriage back them) But my father was a total pacifist and during World War II, at the time that being so was difficult.

Upbringing included father trying not to get physical, yet still defend us kids from my harsh stepmother until she got her citizenship papers, after which they could get divorced. Been involved in peace issues since the anti-fallout shelter protests through Vietnam and Iraq.

I wrote "Greedy Little Squirrels and Lifeboat ethics,” 1977, when the Moonies were coming to America and got heavily harassed by them. I also think bin Laden is extremely dangerous like the leader of a barroom brawl, who has been manipulating this country into using the US to get Muslims angry enough to join his suicidal permanent war group. Before 9/11 young Muslims rebelled by wearing by covering their hair a little less than expected and at least winking at each other, now he changed rebellion into being militancy. The Northern Alliance would have been legitimately in charge long ago had he not baited the US into entering Afghanistan.

Obama is making a mistake in my mind with how to stop bin Laden’s dream of permanent war in a divided world but less of a mistake than most anyone else would. If due to currency collapses from out ever more expensive weapons the US stops fighting al Qaeda, then other counties will. If it ends up being Iran, the Sunni Shiite divide will be enormous. Al Qaeda is already convinced that the atheist China is a serious enemy, and the Russians have fought for brutally and inadvertently convinced far more Muslims than the US did that they considered Islam itself to be the enemy.

I never stopped supporting Jimmy Carter when everyone turned on him and I support Obama as well, but think he will have to use a lot more persuasion and less force if they aren’t going to succeed at bankrupting us. However Obama has tried less force and al Qaeda has started to respond in kind trying to limit the victim’s in the way of their primary attacks.
Back up reference to above link,

Richard Kane (Philadelphia)
(More information if you google RichardKanePA