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it is 2012 and truths are lies and lies are truths

Like most of Americans (all of the firepups) I am pretty POed about the sell out by Obama on Social Security but not surprised. Over the past several years he telegraphed his position and what he indends to do with SS, Medicare and Medicaid.  So I decided to see what the Congressional Dems are up to; we know abour Durbin and his buddies but it looks like Nancy Pelosi has gone off her own personal cliff with notion that CPI is not a cut and will strengthen SS.  We are coming to the close of 2012 and seem to be headed for 1984 where the truth is a lie and a lie is the truth.  George Orwell would be shocked it took so long!  Below is a link about Nancy and the boys ready to sell us out.  There is always hope so see what happens





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