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Prez: “Cat food! It’s what’s for dinner. (And we ain’t talkin’ Fancy Feast, nor even’s Meow Mix for you, Granny.)

Notwithstanding public pronouncements to the contrary by Joe "too far over his skiis" Biden, and Harry "Mitt Romney pays no taxes" Reid, we learn today that Barry "shiv-in-your-back" Obama is feeling the pain of House Repugnants with such poignancy that he finds it neccessary to bargain away a big chunk of Granny's outyear meal budgets; throwing Boehner a bone as it were, by snatching it from Granny's teeth.

The mechanism for this particular manifestation of Reagan Republicanism in Democratic Mufti is the subtle deception called "chained CPI", a bookkeeping slight-of-hand by way of which legally mandated cost of living increases in benefits are shaved to reflect the tendency of lower income seniors to adapt to privation through the substitution of a cheaper diet for a previous shopping list rendered out of reach by rises in price. (Of chicken, for instance, to be exchanged by the canny shopper for "Chicken Flavored Kibble, New&Improved! Now with aroma crystals!").

The "Senate firewall" with Reid and Sanders in the pass at Thermopylae, may be but a bit of stagecraft to distract.

The tell: We are working with a House Budget Resolution that includes a Reconciliation instruction, added by Lyin' Ryan back in the day, presumably at the behest of John Boehner passing along the desideratum of is grand bargain partner-in-crime, who looked to give cover to ostensible friends of the people in the Senate. (Obama himself, of course, has had a long history of promises to filibuster this or that obnoxious bill for which he later voted, but some others have their pride…

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