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John McCain Don’ Know Nothin’ ‘Bout No Jewish Lobby Thing

Angry angry oldster John McCain was asked about supporting his old veteran and former senator buddy Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense and McCain, who once thought Caribou Barbie was qualified to be one weird mole away from the presidency, kinda sorta hedged his bet because Hagel once blood-libeled an ordinary group of American citizens who have exhibited a very strong, one might say “overwhelming singular”, affinity for a certain Middle Eastern country that rhymes with “Are you for real?”:

Sen. John McCain said Tuesday he “strongly disagrees” with past remarks made by former Sen. Chuck Hagel, but that he would wait until potential confirmation hearings before taking a position on whether to vote for Hagel if he were nominated to become secretary of Defense.

McCain, the outgoing top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, was asked about Hagel’s onetime allusion to “the Jewish lobby.”

“Well, of course I strongly disagree with such comments and I know of no such ‘Jewish lobby.’ I know that there’s strong support for Israel here, but I know of no Jewish lobby. I hope he would identify who that is,” McCain told reporters.

Ooooo! Ooooo! I know this one!:

AIPAC channels millions of dollars in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office through a network of political action committees established throughout the United States by members of AIPAC’s national board of directors.

Here are AIPAC campaign contributions to congressmen, highest first, full list at link…

Top Senate Recipients Funded

Joseph Lieberman $1,226,956
John McCain $750,368
Benjamin Cardin $487,572
Mitch McConnell $415,710

Let’s just say that, with Joe Lieberman going into lobbying retiring, coming out against Chuck Hagel should be good news for John McCain…

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