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Fukushima Update


I stumbled across this excellent article from Asahi Shimbun. It presents an excellent summary of where we are. Go read it.

Back already? Good. I’ve a few comments. You noticed the graphic at the top right? Notice how much cooler #1 is than the others? There’s not as much corium in #1.

Quoting the last paragraph of the story:

“Despite the (officially declared) cold shutdowns of the reactors, the cooling functions have been maintained there with no knowledge of where the melted fuel lies and in what state,” Tanabe said.

They’re starting to break it to us gently. This is the first admission they’ve made I’m aware of that the corium might not be in containment. If it was in containment, they’d know where it was.

Also notice that the amount of water in the basement of ANY of the reactor buildings is enough to max out their storage capacity. In practical terms, they’re using the basements of those damaged building as additional storage.

Boxturtle (Land south of the equator is currently cheap, but that might change)

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