Blood In The Imperial Ballroom (Updated)

Coming soon to the scene of the slaughter near you:

A gun show is scheduled in the vicinity of Newtown, Conn., in a few weeks.

Big Al’s Gun Shows is bringing its traveling firearms market to the Crown Plaza hotel in Danbury, 13 miles from Newtown, on Jan. 5 and 6.

According to Big Al’s Web site (warning: click on it and you hear a loud gunshot), children under 10 will get in free when accompanied by an adult.


A man who answered the phone number listed on the Big Al’s site said “yes” when asked Tuesday morning if the show was still on. When asked further questions, he replied, “I really have no comments, buddy.” When asked his name, he said, “Have a good day” and hung up.

One of the easiest things you can do is make facilities hosting traveling gun shows with their itinerant death gun merchants “uncomfortable” with hosting these kinds of events.

For example: you can express your displeasure by calling Crown Plaza Danbury at 1-877-227-6963. BE NICE.

That would be a start…


2:02 P.M. No Gun Show in Danbury, Hotel Says

The Crowne Plaza hotel in Danbury says that a coming gun show at the hotel being advertised on the Web site of Big Al’s Gun Shows is not going to take place.

“It is absolutely not happening at this hotel,” Jamie Santacroce, the hotel’s controller, said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

You can still call, if only to thank them


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