Courtesy of Mother Jones:

They left off the copy that said:

When you absolutely, positively have to clear out the art room before the SWAT team arrives.

Also, too, this is a must read by Roy:

“Here’s the meaningful action we should all be taking, were we truly serious about reducing the likelihood of such tragedies taking place going forward,” explained Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom. “On a personal level, get a concealed carry permit, and ignore signs telling you to leave your guns in the car. If it’s concealed, and they don’t have metal detectors, then you aren’t carrying. Until you need to defend yourself.”

Goldstein then started screaming at President Obama: “Michele is not the dietitian to the collective and you are not its avuncular guardian. Give up your own security detail and we can maybe have a talk about restricting gun ownership… you and your regulatory henchmen had better not try to stand between me and my ability to protect my family.. [‘Progressives’] want a helpless and compliant pool to manage, the ‘masses,’ they like to call it, and it’s a wet dream of theirs to secure not only all political power in their own hands, but all the policing power as well.” Last summer Goldstein held a fundraiser “to raise the capital for at least one very good and reliable all-purpose rifle, one that I can use for defense, close quarter combat, hunting, and maybe even as a melee weapon.” Guns don’t kill people, but maybe to be on the safe side you should try not to live too near Jeff Goldstein.



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