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Solemn greetings, cat enthusiasts. I almost didn’t post this today as I thought it might be inappropriate in light of recent events but in the end, I decided to post anyway.

Kuroneko has been extra fiesty this week, probably due to the cooler weather. She spends a lot of her time alternately stalking and loving on me. I captured her in an old stalking spot that she hasn’t used in a while:
Don't let the cat outta the bag
In our Kuroenko picture of the week, she’s in an old paper grocery bag between the kitchen cabinet and the laundry basket. She looks soooooooo guilty because I caught her trying to bat at my leg on the way by.

But somebody else’ cat grabbed my attention this week too. I came home from work one day and the ducks were back. They’ve been spending a lot of time in the area and since I had my camera with me, I decided to get a picture:
But who is that in the background?
A curious but wary kitteh.

Looks like a wary kitteh, trying to decide if ducks are good to try to eat. I didn’t hear any kind of commotion later though so apparently the cat made the wisest choice and kept her distance. (You can click on the image to embiggen it. She really is a beautiful cat and very friendly. Unfortunately she probably won’t be around long since cats disappear around here a lot.) Later I spotted another cat with her but by then, they were on their way around the building.

In lieu of our normal obligatory cute kitten photo, we have pissed off cat in holiday gear. Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

And since we haven’t had our fill of cute yet, we have this youtube of kids at play and I do mean kids! Thanks for the link Barb!

I hope everybody has a better week ahead. It can’t be stressed enough to be safe and be with the ones you love as much as you can. But whatever you have planned for the holidays please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life. They give us so much and ask so little. I know my Kuroneko is my love and my strength on a day to day basis and I can’t imagine being without her. I care about you all so please have a safe and happy holiday season.

(I said “holiday“. I’ll be on O’Reilly’s sh*t list for sure!)

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