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Low Income residents of Public Housing Have the “After Sandy Blues”

Boston Road Plaza

Boston Road Plaza

So imagine you are someone who lives in low income Public Housing in Brooklyn or New York City. Since surviving the onslaught of Sandy, you have not had any electricity, including hot water, or any plumbing. You are advised that when you need to use a bathroom, you can walk down sixteen flights of stairs to the PortaPotty. (Without electricity, the elevators in your building are not working either.)

Meanwhile, and this goes beyond a person’s wildest nightmares, you’re expected to pay rent. (Most states have guidelines for renters that explain that if you are without plumbing or heat and cooling, then you are not obliged to pay rent for the period of time in which your abode is not habitable.)

Just as awful, you may have lost your job, if your job was located in an area heavy hit by Storm Sandy.

But the officials who oversee the low income housing projects are reluctant to give any leeway to people behind on their rents. Instead, the officials are preparing eviction notices! Only after actual protests by those affected, do they concede that people will be given extra time to pay – until February 1st 2013. (That’s only ten weeks away.)

Here on Firedoglake, we all found out about the concert for the Hurricane Sandy Victims, the evening of Thursday, Dec 13th. Perhaps some of that money can help these people? Millions of dollars were collected, and it is supposed to go directly to the victims.

Here is a link to the Real News video where people who live in these housing projects are talking about the difficulties that they face:


Photo from Jules Antonio licensed under Creative Commons

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