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Live Stream: The Newtown Address, President Obama Speaks


President Obama will address the families, the first responders and the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut at the Newtown High School.

From the Guardian:

The president arrived in Connecticut just before 4pm this afternoon, and headed straight for Newtown.

A White House official told the pool reporters accompanying the president that he spent most of the time before the vigil meeting the families of the victims of those killed in the shootings, as well as first responders.

Another White House official said that the president is the primary author of his speech tonight, and worked on edits with speechwriter Cody Keenan on the flight from Washington.

(Apologies for the autostart)


A brief note about the programme tonight: there will be a series of addresses by members of the town’s clergy, as well as hymns and psalms.

Finally, Connecticut governor Dan Malloy will speak, followed by the president. There is some suggestion that it could take around two hours.

I’ll BUMP it uptop when the President takes the podium.

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