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Susan Rice Drops SoS Bid, Maybe for Best

Susan Rice has had a controversial career as a foreign policy insider within both the Clinton and Obama Administrations. She is generally credited, fairly or unfairly,  with much of the responsibility for allowing the human rights catastrophe in Darfur. She is generally credited with much of the responsibility for the more recent human rights catastrophe in Libya.

Susan Rice is known to be caustic, abrasive, direct and forthright. Add these personal traits to her questionable judgment and the idea of Rice as SoS fairly screams “Ugly American.” Maybe fellow Ugly American Senators McCain and Graham’s subversion of her candidacy before the fact is for the best.

Certainly she is a capable diplomat but did personal traits or gender decide her fate? But would the US be better served by turning the volume down particularly in the Middle East during the next four years?

John Kerry?

Who would be a better choice for SoS from a progressive standpoint?




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