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Obama’s Administration is a third term Bush Administration


Then Senator, now President Obama’s enthusiastic support for the Bush 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street, was a preview of what his presidency would resemble.

Wall Street shysters  were involved in the commodity market manipulation that occurred during Obama’s first term.  This began during the Bush Administration, that’s how long they’ve been robbing us, and they were enabled by the oval office.

I know I sound like a preacher, so be it; read Lakota’s Bible on this website  It’s all about how the wealth is being transferred from us to them.  Almost everything you buy has a “commodity market tax” attached to it, even your cotton underwear.  So you see, you can not even buy a pair of drawers without contributing to the “commodity market manipulators”.

There are many aspects of the Obama Administration that resemble the Bush Administration.  What characteristics of the Obama Administration have you observed that resemble a third term Bush Administration?

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