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Two Guys Secretly Negotiating Away Your Life’s Earned Benefits? Hold them Accountable!

For the last forty years, workers have seen their wages suppressed and kept stagnant, while their productivity soared. CEOs pressed for lower income tax rates and were successful in securing the lowest income tax rates in a century For themselves. There is rumbling that the rich need more… like raising our Medicare age from 65 to 67. Like lowering your Social Security benefits through a chained CPI. Yet two guys are secretly negotiating away your life’s earned benefits.

No deal.

Tax rates for the top income level need to go up. No cuts to our earned benefits, to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. No raising eligibility age for Medicare. No more givebacks to the folks who have been taking from us for forty years. But that’s not the end of this.

On Medicare, we want a public option for non-Medicare folks, a public option that works with Medicare to keep costs down. Allow Medicare to bargain for lower drug prices. Allow Medicare to compete to lower the costs of medical equipment and devices.

These are not my ideas. This initiative is from the AFL-CIO, a federation of unions that has been looking out for workers since before I was born.

Two guys secretly negotiating all of this in a room? Unacceptable. Tell your elected officials where you stand. 

Here is a number to use to call your Senators and Representatives, to let them know what kind of a deal you expect.


First you will be asked if you want to reach your Senator or your Representative. After you choose an option you will be asked for your zip code, then your call will be directed to the right telephone number.



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