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Please Help #Sandy Cleanup Volunteers: Help Donate 400 Tyvek Suits to Protect Them From Mold Exposure

We’ve received an emergency request from Occupy Sandy for 400 Tyvek suits to protect those who are cleaning up mold damage in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

Click here to help send 400 Tyvek suits to Occupy Sandy cleanup teams.

As Marybeth Onyeukwu and RF Shunt both reported,  mold damage continues to be one of the most serious problems facing residents attempting to reoccupy their homes.  But exposure to mold presents serious health consequences for the people cleaning it up.

We worked with #OccupySandy to research and source the equipment they need for mold cleanup.  They informed us today they desperately need 400 Tyvek suits to be dispersed in both New York and New Jersey to protect volunteers who are currently being exposed to mold as they attempt help residents cleanup in the storm’s aftermath.

If you’d like to buy Tyvek suits to equip Superstorm Sandy cleanup crews, you can find them at the Occupy Sandy wish list registry in the Firedoglake online store.  The registry allows groups to create a list of their specific supply needs so people can purchase them on their behalf.  The registry then marks each gift as purchased and keeps a running total of how many are still needed.  Items will be shipped to cleanup crews free of charge the same day they are ordered.

Ironically, the request for Tyvek suits comes the same day  it was announced that the Red Cross is sitting on $78 million they raised for Sandy relief efforts.

Here’s a photo that Gothamist published last week of a trash bag full of hamburgers that the Red Cross delivered to Sandy victims:

It’s not hard to figure out what Sandy cleanup crews need, you just have to ask them. And right now, our member liaison Steve C — who helped bring $20,000 worth of blankets and other supplies donated by FDL readers to Sandy victims  — tells us their most pressing need is protection from mold exposure.

Please help us reach the goal of sending 400 Tyvek suits to Occupy Sandy cleanup teams.  You can protect them from suffering toxic mold exposure while they help Sandy victims get their lives back.

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