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“Right-to-Work” an echo of H-1B visas and “skills gap”


Debate about the Michigan “Right to Work” legislation presumes that Democrats would never do such a thing. Yet, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) workers have experienced similar issues from non-citizens on H-1B visas, a program designed to create a more coercive workplace. If US companies imported foreign workers to break a union strike, we would talk about scabs. If they have H-1B visas they become “The Best and the Brightest,” and we are told each person with an H-1B visa will start a company and will employ lots of US workers. NPR, “60 Minutes” by CBS, and the White House all loudly proclaim a shortage of STEM workers. Sorry, it’s not true. It hasn’t been true for decades. Democrats accept money from Microsoft and Google, just as Republicans accept money from Koch and DeVos. Democrats said they couldn’t address the H-1B visa issue until Congress starts on omnibus immigration reform. They point at anyone who objects to massive numbers of H-1B visas competing for good US jobs as people who are intolerant of foreigners. So, they will copy and paste the existing rules for H-1B visas into the new legislation and distract us by all the discussion about the Dream Act and Mexicans trying to steal our jobs as dishwashers and lawnmowers.


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